Mafa TD Queen(C+UH) Strategy

mafa td queen v4.5c(C+UH) strategy
Are you playing Mafa TD Queen(C+UH)? Mafa TD Queen is a custom map created for Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne. This TD game aims to defeat 40 levels of spawning creeps. The creeps that you are going to kill ranges from land units, air units, invisible units, and boss units. C+UH means clean and ultrahard Mafa TD Queen. In this version of Mafa TD Queen, the hacks and exploits of the previous versions have been wiped out so you would be able to finish the game with only pure strategy - NO CHEATS.

Here's a link about how you can finish Mafa TD Queen 4.5c (C+UH):
Mafa TD Queen Solo Game Strategy


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